Consulting Club – Case Interview Practice Sessions – 2012

Case interview sessions: For these sessions, each participant owns and specializes in the delivery of a case. We meet every Saturday afternoon where the participants get the opportunity to deliver and receive at least one case interview. We also bring in consultants from the industry who monitor the interviews and give personalized feedback.

David Ohrvall’s sessions: David Ohrvall is the founder of, a case interview training and resources company that focuses on providing study materials, training opportunities, and coaching services to optimize candidates’ case interview performance. David has his MBA and undergraduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. His background includes nine years as a consultant, including four years with Bain & Company’s Chicago office.

One-on-One case interviews with Jonathan Kwan: Jonathan Kwan is the founder of, a company that provides professional and experienced coaching services. Jonathan holds an MBA from INSEAD and spent 7 years in the Consulting practice of Deloitte advising clients in the financial services industry, retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, hi-tech and the public sector. These one-on-one case interview sessions are followed by personalized feedback that can help candidates’ improve their future performances.

From Event Flyers 2011-2012

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