Case Competitions

With the objective of ensuring that NUS MBA students engage in active and robust intellectual exchanges with other future business leaders, the NUS MBA opens a wide variety of opportunities for students to compete in overseas business competitions. Students are trained by The NUS MBA Business Case Competition Team, prior to their departure for overseas case competitions.

2015: NUS won the Global Network for Advanced Management Investment Competition

Here is the winning team’s journey:

We were excited when we received news on 7th October that the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) Investment Competition, an equity investment competition that would be hosted by the Yale School of Management, was opened for registration. Within 6 hours, we formed our team and registered for the competition. We were all excited to participate in this competition, whose judges are well-known hedge fund manager Jim Chanos (short-selling guru and founder of Kynikos Associates) and Eddie Tam (CEO & CIO of Central Asset Investments).

In the first few weeks of the competition, we discussed investment ideas on possible good stock picks. It presented some challenge as we had to choose a company listed in Singapore. Later, we moved on to gather information from Bloomberg terminals at CAMRI lab. As the competition deadline of 31th October became nearer, we stayed late in school to prepare the report and the presentation slides. We kept them simple but professional and interesting by telling a story on our recommendations.

On 10th November, we received the good news that we were one of the 4 finalist teams moving on to the final round pitch for the Security Analysis Prize on 12th November at 11.30pm SGT. Immediately, we started rehearsing on our pitch. It was a 10 minutes pitch with 15 minutes of Q&A.

Finally, 12th November came! We all met earlier at 9.30pm to rehearse together again. Finally, 11.30pm came and each of us took turns to pitch our recommendation to the judges before we were asked interesting but tough questions. When we completed presenting, it was close to 12 midnight. However, everyone was filled with energy and stayed to wait for the results. We tuned in to await for the announcement of the results at 12.20pm. When the judges announced that we won 1st place, joy filled the room. We laughed happily and congratulated one another. We had a lot of fun throughout this competition.

Thank you, Dr Emir Hrnjic for being our faculty advisor for this competition and Mr Julian Chong from the MBA office for assisting us with the logistics arrangements!

Winning team: Sean Bellamy McNulty, Ong Yean-Chau, Igor Klyuchnikov, Michelle Liao Meifang, Aadil Farooque Qureshi, and Wang Huishen


2014: NUS won the Asian MBA Stock Pitch Competition

The annual NUS Asian MBA Stock Pitch Competition in Singapore hosted by the Centre for Asset Management Research & Investments (CAMRI) at NUS Business School provides a forum for top MBA students in Asia to compete and showcase their equity research and stock-picking skills in front of a panel of distinguished judges from the investment industry. The event challenges teams of finance students from up to twelve elite universities in the Asia Pacific region to prepare and present buy/hold/sell recommendations and vigorously defend those recommendations. The intense competition is designed to replicate the fast-paced, demanding experience of fundamental analysts and asset managers in the real world. So as to increase the level of competition and camaraderie between the students, the Asian MBA Stock Pitch Competition also welcomes students from top Masters of Finance programs from business schools in the Asia Pacific region. The NUS Asian MBA Stock Pitch Compeitition is held in partnership with The Parker Centre for Investment Research at The Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.


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