Language and Culture

Joao Nunez, President

Aditja Bajaj, Vice-President

Masahiro Yamamoto, Vice-President

L&C Club will be a place to offer MBA students and their family a casual, cozy, relaxing and interesting environment in which fellows from all around our planet in MBA programme can have chance to meet the beauty of exotic culture and get familiar with the manners and social customs from different countries.

Language Basic Course: We will provide entry level language courses weekly to fulfil the demand not only from students but also their family members. The sort of language we teach will be basically based on the survey result. The course will begin after the recess week and temporarily pause at the final exam week. And from the beginning of next semester, the course will be launched again. The club will facilitate the logistics, teaching materials and teacher arrangement. By now we already have 6 volunteers to contribute time and energy to this interaction.

Culture Appreciation: The culture appreciation will focus on the introduction of exotic custom on clothing, diet, drinking, local art and entertainment. For example, if you know how to drink and appreciate the Chinese tea, maybe just in very basic level, you can easily have the common language with most Chinese local person and it will be a helpful bridge to shorten the difference between cultures. Another, Saree is a very beautiful Indian traditional dress for girls, how about we use this chance to teach girls from other countries to know how they could use Saree to show their gorgeous and sexy aspects. Do you want to blabla something about wine with your potential French boss? How about catchig the attention from your new Chinese colleagues by announcing you are a big fan of “Erguotou”? (A very famous Chinese strong alcohol, do you want to guess what this name means?)

Social manner and custom: Knowledge of good manner and taboo in different countries is another useful content we want to introduce to everyone. We will collect every highlight points from our course and then summarize them into a handbook classified by nation or race. This handbook will be sent to all of you guys in electronic format at the end of our journey in NUS and passed to next batch as a heritage of student council


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