Ambica Uppal, President

Igor Klyuchnikov, Vice-President

Thanh Nga Luu, Vice-President

Saurabh Sekhsaria, Vice-President

A community can do funny things. 2 can have an opinion, 5 might take a stance, 50 may trigger trends and a 100 can drive a revolution.

At the NUS Marketing Club, we recognize this power of ‘us’, and are motivated towards creating a potent platform for like minds to connect, share and communicate their thoughts and ideas.

Our approach is energetic, hands-on and fearless. You’ll often find our members ready to question, challenge the obvious and passionately voicing their point of view.

As such, the club represents a bunch of average Joes (and Janes) who love to roll up their sleeves and follow a simple 3 step philosophy:

– to be curious

– to be critical

– to be creative

Curiousity helps us explore new oppurtunities, Criticality ensures our approach is evaluated against the odds, and Creativity fuses our ideas into unique solutions. Our Marketing hang-over terms this as the ‘3C’s that define all our activities, actions and alliances.

Through our verticals of Knowledge, Externals and Membership, we look to empower our members with the tools and cross-faculty skills to become responsible marketers in this shrinking economic environment. Be it consumer products, business to business or even the media, we strongly believe that here at the NUS Marketing Club, there’s room for everyone.

All beliefs, voices and talents waiting to be unleashed.