Maximus FAQ

What is project Maximus ?
Maximus is project undertaken by NUS MBA and Google Inc. to strengthen knowledge management and collaborative learning in NUS MBA. NUS Business School has become the first business school in Singapore to be chosen by Google be its partner.

What is there for me in Maximus
Email ids with extension for all clubs and students (25 GB inbox) , which are available for LIFE and cost 0 even after student has graduated. Your alumni account shall be activated by default. For example – the date I sign up, I can receive mail on and in the same inbox. So no matter at which id the mail is sent, you receive in same inbox. No need to worry about losing this mail id when you graduate. It is yours for life !!!

What more ?
You get collaborative learning utlities like Google Docs, Google Groups, Google Calendars and host of other utilities. Register today and check out.

What  else ?
We know you are all future mangers and we love your spirit of what MORE. So here’s what we got, Google and Team Maximus  will organize a monthly session to equip NUS MBA students with skills required to make best use of collaborative learning utilities provided by Google.

Is Maximus really free for all of us ?
Yes it is.

Is my mail and data safe ?
Singapore’s Ministry of Education and 30000 teachers are already using Google Apps. I am sure such a massive use is a testament of reliability and worthiness of the platform. Ref –

All mail accounts and all other data is governed by Google’s privacy policies. The above mentioned system has been approved for use at several government agencies and universities.  List of existing  instituions using it currently may be accessed at and

How do I register for Maximus
To register for this please fill out the registration form available here 

How can I access difference services under Maximus
You can access various services of Maximus at the following URL’s.

Mail –

Documents –

Calendar  –

What is Team Maximus ?

Team Maximus is a team of guys who don’t like the Status Quo and believe in constantly challenging the limits.

Ritika Tapuriah

Sourav Datta

Sahil Gupta

I love the work you guys do and wanna be part of your team. What do I do ?

We are open to more people. Only criteria – motivated to make a difference to world and will to challenge the limits. Contact  Varun at +65-94450420,

I got more questions, what should I do ?
Get in touch with Ritika, +65-90859106, Let’s catch up on a coffee. No need to raise your usual support tickets because we are neither normal not usual, nor do we intend to be one.