Social Impact

Suchandra Dey, President

Vivek Narayanan, Vice-President

Yuki Isono, Vice-President

The National University of Singapore Social Impact Club aims to be a primary avenue for members of the MBA cohort to make a difference in society. Rooted in its core values of Awareness, Sustainability, Education, and Empowerment, the club strives to create events and initiatives that advocate these ideals, in line with the skills and capabilities of aspiring future business leaders. The club aims to provide opportunities for the cohort to make a difference through volunteer activities with various programs and organizations that  make a lasting impact to society. Moreover, it ambitions to encourage the cohort to practice its business skills and interests in a way that ignites positive change by developing projects and activities that promote the link between business and social development.

This club believes that making a difference is simply the way we do business.



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