Student Council

Our mission: to enrich the NUS MBA experience by fostering a vibrant environment characterized by learning, collaboration and achievement.

NUS MBA Student Council is a student run body that endeavours to bring about a holistic development in every NUS MBA graduate. The Council is headed by the President, the Vice-President and fellow club leaders, who together coin the agenda for student activities during the academic year.

Activities encompass both professional and personal development through frequent Invitational Cocktails, Networking Nights, Cultural Events, Workshops, Industry Visits, alumni and industry interactions.

Student Clubs and Directorates

The Council currently houses 13 primary clubs that cater to the professional, social responsibility and general interest of the student cohort: Consulting, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Fashion & Luxury, Finance, Healthcare, Language & Culture, Marketing, Social Impact, Social & Recreation, Sports, Technology, and Women in Business Club.

Though these clubs focus on the individual streams of focus, they also conduct programs that are more holistic in nature so as to encourage intra-disciplinary participation and an overall business and management learning experience. Each of the clubs is headed by the club President and run by an executive committee. Through these clubs, the council taps into the talent within the cohort and channelizes the strength through every role that would be needed to succeed in the real business world.

In addition to the Clubs, the Council is supported by three directorates, each headed by a Student Director who represents the MBA student body in the liaison with NUS offices. These departments are:

  • Alumni Relations, who liaise with the Global Alumni Network Office (GANO);
  • Academic Affairs, who liaise with MBA academics office on academic matters;
  • Career Development and Corporate Outreach, who liaise with the Career Services Office (CSO).

Together, the 13 clubs and three departments aim to conduct well focused activities  that will serve the student cohort’s needs during their MBA career in the NUS Business School.

Council President and Vice-President

Sean Bellamy McNulty, President
Xiaolu Yang, Vice-President

As the President and the Vice-President of the Council, we primarily involve ourselves in planning the overall events of the student cohort, working very closely with each of the Clubs and Directorates, in managing external student relations of the MBA cohort, acting as the primary liaison for the MBA Office and in ensuring continuous improvements in the Council and the cohort.

With these activities and focus of the Council, we are confident on further sustaining a healthy NUS MBA environment characterized by Learning, Collaboration & Achievement.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries that you might have.

Council Organization Charts: