Aparna Mahadevan, President

Delphine Günther, Vice-President

Yana Te-cheng Chen, Vice-President

The mission of the Technology Club is to provide a forum for students to learn about major technology trends, share their knowledge and help each other in building a career in technology. The scope is broad and encompasses various industries (e.g. IT, infrastructure, technology in finance, environment) and positions (e.g. digital marketing, business development, strategy).

The club aims to achieve this goal through a variety of activities and programs like:

  • Brown Bag lunches with industry experts to develop an understanding of the available roles and opportunities for MBA’s in the technology sector.
  • Industry and expert speaker series, promoting how the application of the right technology to business ensures value addition to the client  in today’s world.
  • Networking events with students in similar clubs at other schools in Singapore.
  • Technology-related competitions such as hackatons.
  • Workshops to develop new skills related to the technology sector.
  • A single shop knowledge center for issues, internship experiences, job search, alumni contacts and information related to technology in the business schools.



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